Wii Netflix not Loading Artwork? Reinstall Netflix Channel

I’ve had a problem with the Wii Netflix Channel for a long time now. The problem is artwork wasn’t getting loaded in. It was very spotty. Some artwork would load, others would not. After a useless customer support phone call, in which it was assumed my wifi was to fault, it dawned on me that I should try reinstalling the Netflix channel. Maybe they had released a version without telling anybody. And that was it. They had released a new version and I had no idea and I guess the old one was breaking down. So, if you you have Wii Netflix, and having trouble with artwork loading, then try deleting the channel and redownloading. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Wii Netflix not Loading Artwork? Reinstall Netflix Channel”

  1. I had netflix on my 360 in August, just cancelled it. No offense but the selection is just terrible. In the US it is spectacular, but it hasn’t come this way yet. I also had to cut costs.

    1. I was pretty disappointed initially, too. And, ya, I’ve heard the US selection is crazy good in comparison.

      But, they do have AAA classics, the selection is growing, and, what I find best right now, they do have some great tv shows. I started out with Farscape, almost done Heroes, and I’ve started Prison Break. They have Top Gear UK and Mythbusters and wack of others. I can never catch these programs on regular tv but with netflix, it’s just so enjoyable to sit down and know you can pick the right episode to watch it in order. I’m loving it.

      All in all things are looking up as far as selection goes. The next 6-12 months will be interesting because they really do have to improve their library here.

      Definitely gotta watch your bills, though! I cancelled cable tv and stuck with Netflix so that’s how I manage lol

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