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When you can lower a man’s stress, and raise his ability to succeed, he perceives that as romance.

Pam Farrel (Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Sphaghetti)

Douches don’t win. #cassandrathomasforthewin.


Hey Just Got my G1 just drove into town !!!!!!! Went grocery shopping with Mom!!

Kara after getting her driver’s license,
the only time anyone is that excited
to go grocery shopping :D

It’s not love. It’s indigestion!

The Golden Girls

Or to translate it into American political terms, how can I take away your god-given right to limitless natural resources and destroy your dignity by making you pay the true costs for what you consume?


To love a child is easy. What is not easy is to love a child who is not so beautiful.

Shake Hands with the Devil (2007 film)

When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.

“God”, Godfellas, Futurama

There is no great love without great jealousy.

Bender, The Beast with a Billion Backs, Futurama

I happen to think if we gave up a bunch of our programs and just started getting kids serving then maybe Jesus would show up in a way we never thought possible.

Mike Yaconelli

You think too much.

Marsha (friend; directed at me)

Never look down on anyone, unless you’re helping them up.

Murder victim in Toronto, ON (repeated by mother during public appeal for information)

I ain’t so afraid of losing something that I ain’t gonna try to have it.

Zoë, Firefly TV Series

I once heard someone break down happiness as something you cannot chase, you have to find it where you are, then it will always follow you.

COMON$, Slashdot: Poll: What would your billionaire hobby be?, Aug. 29, 2007

There are many babies in the world, but every woman wants her own, strangely enough.

Slashdot.org, tftp (111690) (#18866621)

When life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone.

James Fretz

<loko-moko> im goign toclass
<loko-moko> be back in 15

Apr. 8, 2003 #powerbasket (hypa.net)

What you’re actually doing when you get out of here is not programming, it’s taking care of people.

Tim McKenna, iSeries Business Computing @ Seneca College 2003

Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

Marcus Brigstocke

A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.

Jean Chretien

Gerald Holton, a Harvard physicist and historian of science, was the first scholar admitted to Einstein’s archives after his death in 1955, at the age of 76. Holton says he was “quite overwhelmed” by the unique brilliance he found there. “Unlike the textbook idea of working from experiments, to theory, to testing that theory, he worked in grand leaps from thought experiments,” says Holton. “It was beyond anything I had seen.”

Holton, Einstein’s biographer

<loko-moko> does anyone speak any languages semi-natively
<loko-moko> not computer!
<outtolunc> BINARY
<outtolunc> opcodes

Dec. 2, 2002 #vr-oasis (hypa.net)

I heard the most amazing statistic in an interview on CBC Radio: the United States has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Until you subtract the time per capita spent in traffic. Then it has the worst life expectancy in the world.

Virginia Robinson, Nov. 25, 2002 (CBC.ca Viewpoints / Diaries)

<KevinP> Its early.
<KevinP> I’M hyper but my brain isn’t <g>

Nov. 19, 2002 #vr-oasis (hypa.net)

We should never copy any models of political systems of the West. We must uphold leadership by the party and the people’s democratic dictatorship

Jiang Zemin, Leader of China. Congressional Speech. (2002)

<loko-moko> yea my outfit today doesnt match; abercrombie shirt, polo jeans, AE shoes, pacsun beads
<ToidyMan> and that, my friends, is why the human race is doomed
<loko-moko> cuz ppl like me will soon be in power
<ToidyMan> people like you are already in power, they just wear old people’s clothes instead

Sept. 26, 2002 #vr-oasis (dalnet)

By the way, turtleneck wearing continental philosophers, while influential among teenagers and drug addicts, are a dying breed – because uselessness eventually has a price.

trhurler, Kuro5hin: Western Philosophy in a Nutshell, Part I, Sept. 11, 2002

<loko-moko> tbns loses money
<lib> its like a girlfriend without the benefits
<lib> let her go if you arent getting anywhere

Lib, Aug. 11, 2002, #Powerbasket(DalNet)

Nobody will ever need more than 640KB.

Bill Gates

The world is full of stupid people.

Hoser and the Hardcores

I’m not rationalizing, I’m just doing it!


“In Canada, the trademark [‘Canadian’] is famous,” Hutsel said. “It no longer means, ‘originating from Canada.’ It means, ‘beer originating from Molson.'”

Barry Hutsel, Molson Canada lawyer

if there was something wrong [Abercrombie & Fitch] wouldnt be as popular as it is

loko-moko, #vr-oasis – DalNet (17/06/2002)

The resulting model–based loosely on hard evidence but expanded to take into account species that lived and died out but remain unknown to science–suggests that the earliest primate lived about 81.5 million years ago, long before the age of the oldest fossils uncovered by paleontologists.

New Study Supports Idea That Primates, Dinosaurs Coexisted (I just gotta laugh at the mentality of this statement.)

A certain amount of opposition is a help, not a hindrance. Kites rise against the wind, not with it.


I started watching the movie feeling patriotic…But as it dragged on more and more, oddly enough, it had given me the opposite feeling that it probably should have – I felt ashamed of being an American – of watching us try to fight someone else’s war, genocide or not. I’m sure there’s some truth that was missing from the movie, but it has to make you wonder…It definitely did make me sit down and think later on as to why so many other countries in the world dislike us. If this movie was propaganda, it was certainly not pulled off correctly.

GLX, Slashdot: Review: Black Hawk Down, Jan. 20, 2002

Forgive me my spelling mistakes, for I am an Engineer and I will fix the American language when I get around to it.

RHSwan, Kuro5hin: Member

99 civil rights on the wall, 99 civil rights, take one down, throw it away, 98 civil rights on the wall ….

Hostile17, Slashdot: Government to Eavesdrop on Lawyer-Client Conversations, Nov. 11, 2001

We should have the right to integrate a ham sandwich into Windows if we so choose.

Steve Ballmer, President of Microsoft Corporation

The solution to our security woes is to spread freedom and prosperity worldwide, not to eliminate them domestically.

Blarny, Kuro5hin: FBI plans to centralize architecture of the Internet, Oct. 28, 2001

its not exactly common for people to go around with the intention of finding a spouse now, its more like.. date random people, see what tricks they can do

Lib, Aug. 29, 2001, #dynx(DalNet)

If the evil spirit arms the tiger with claws,
Raman provideth wings for the dove.

G’n’R – Breakdown (Maybe it’s from somewhere else)

What we have here, is a failure…to communicate.

Cool Hand Luke (60’s Rebel Movie or something)

It’s better to steal food than to write proprietary software.

Richard M. Stallman – Free Software Foundation

Fool! Why be informed? Ignorance is bliss! That is why I am in school.

Cheeseball, August 2000, #redrival(DalNet)

Today, sitting in my hammock, looking up into the lush branches of our oak, feeling the gentle breeze blow over me, smelling the wondrous smell of lilacs, I found myself becoming sad… Sadness brought on, strange as it sounds, by knowing how much I love life. As of late, I’ve been moving through life a little slower, taking more in. The slower I go, the more I appreciate all that there is around me that is unique and beautiful. But, in these moments of realizing that I am in the presence of something wonderful, I often find myself alone. So many a time I have found myself in the presence of something so awesome, so breath-takenly gorgeous that my heart nearly breaks, and my one wish at that moment is to turn to someone and see that realization in their eyes as well. To hold their hand and be in the state of awe together. To know that I wasn’t dreaming and that such wonders do exist. And finally, to go with them, in search of more…

DeepSeaTango – Thoughts on Life, June 13, 2000

Jon Katz once said that H.L. Mencken couldn’t get hired anywhere now, but he’d be on Slashdot in a minute. Katz is, of course, wrong in this assertion. Slashdot is populated by precisely the people Mencken despised: the pompous, the pretentious and the preposterous.

Shoeboy Kuro5hin: Crackpots and Charlatans of Computer Culture, June 15, 2001

About 150 physicists gathered to discuss how Mars could become habitable. They suggested that by introducing PFCs (a cousin of CFCs) into the Martian atmosphere, they could transform the climate of Mars into something resembling Canada’s climate (this would be enough to sustain lichens and algae).

ChazeFroy, Slashdot: Could Mars Be Habitable In 100 Years?, Oct. 12, 2000

This is all is too far away to worry about, they squawk. Or it won’t really happen. Only scientists, programmers and biologists understand it enough to talk about it, anyhow.

Jon Katz, Slashdot: Planet Gattaca, Dec. 14, 1999

I don’t go around hurting people because I don’t want to see people in pain. If you convince yourself that the people you see are not the same as yourself, then you can effectively circumvent your empathy. (Or conscience, or whatever you call it)

Kvort, Slashdot: Studies Say Video Games Increase Violent Behavior, April 24, 2000

Off to the movies we shall go, where we learn everything that we know.

Nazhuret, #programming(DalNet) (South Park Movie)

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