When I fail you, remember I wrote this to you.

When I fail you, remember I wrote this to you.

In my writing, you will find lots of authoritative language. For those amicable to my style and rationale, you may find my writing or even myself worthy of putting up on a pedestal. Yes, I sound incredibly arrogant, don’t I? But if I had never said this, and went on and on with thoughts and ideas attractive to some, the day I fall or some grave wrong is found in me, will those people not be hurt for the worse?

James MacDonald is a man I admire quite a bit. He’s a well known and well liked preacher. He reads and understands the Word largely as I would want someone in that position to read it. He expounds upon it in a manner that I can understand. Many of my thoughts have been influenced by his teaching.

A while ago a friend let me know James bought a two-million dollar house. I don’t know all the details. I tried to defend him. I googled around for the “real” story. Maybe he bought it during that period when all houses were way over-valued? While googling around I found a criticism directed towards James that went something like this:

It doesn’t matter if he used his own money. It doesn’t matter if everything is above board. The fact of the matter is he bought a luxury item far out of the reach of the majority of those who look up to him. What is the message he’s sending?

That was maybe half a year to a year ago. It’s still on my mind. That was a day James MacDonald failed me.

The only man who ever lived who can be held up without fear of failing you and I is Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who He sent as a sacrifice for the forgiveness our sins once and for all. Jesus lived a perfect life and gave up his perfect life willingly for us.

So, if it’s me, president Obama, some sports, music or movie star, keep in mind no man or woman will ever remain unstained in this life.

When I fail you, remember I wrote this to you. Look back in my writings and find solace in my transparency and sincerity. Fallible humans have been tasked with an infallible message.

I will fall, but know that which I speak of will not.

2 thoughts on “When I fail you, remember I wrote this to you.”

  1. Interesting, didn’t know this. Though I’m a bit jealous, I gotta say, we still can’t judge him. Nothing wrong with wanting a nice house in a safe neighbourhood. maybe houses in Chicago are expensive. If you wanted a decent house in Toronto, full detached, large lawn, you would easily be looking at 1 million. I think this can be likened to people in the bible whom the Lord blessed, ie, Job. He was a millionaire, and he had the property and servants to match. Do we look down on him cause he didn’t give all that away to the poor? no infact God considered him one of the most faithful of humans. So I think we need to stop looking at others and look at God. not worry about what we have compared to others but enjoy what God gives us. I know this is easy to say, its something I’ve been thinking on over the last year or so. When is enough money enough and I realize, I’ll never have enough. I’m happy though to live with the basics, fun things like a D90 are great :) but when it comes down to it, fresh air, a forest, and friends are more then money can buy.

    1. Ah, I tried to defend him too.

      I googled quite a bit to find out the \”real\” story. I thought maybe the mortgage per month wasn\’t really so high. I thought maybe he bought it during a time when house prices were really high.

      But nothing justifies it.

      Try to research and defend him for yourself. I think you\’ll see it\’s futile.

      There\’s just no justification for buying a luxury item like that that is far, far beyond the reach of the people you\’re leading.

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