To Maple Leafs Management and Fans: Breathe. Breathe. Breathe… Think.

Tell me we’re not doing the goaltender dance yet again for yet another year!

Tell me we’re not doing the goaltender dance yet again for yet another year!

Who is stupid enough to do this again?

I’m all for Gustavsson. He is our future star goaltender. If we don’t wreck him first!

Toronto is a goaltender cementary. Our worst deed was the sad story of Potvin. We wrecked him, played him til he was frazzled and then traded him off. When will the Leafs learn. Apparently never.

Look what happened making Toskala compete with Raycroft. Toskala played okay. It was only because Raycroft had such a bad go of it that Toskala eventually got the start.

But look what Toskala did the latter half of the 08/09 season. He carried the team on his back, just missing the playoffs. Injured. Injured!

Have some faith in this guy. Every goaltender is a person and and such no two goaltenders are the same. Tell the guy he doesn’t have to compete and that he just has to get in his groove. Let him work into the season and I bet he’ll do what he did last year except he won’t be injured so he’ll really do a bang up job.

Take a look at Luongo. He’s arguably played worse than Toskala so far but there’s no question about the number one spot. There shouldn’t be any questions yet either for the Leafs and Toskala.

It’s clear Toskala doesn’t play the goaltender dance well so why would you do this all over again.

Gustavsson is our goalie of the future. Even Toskala knows that. But if we run Gustavsson to soon, we’ll just end up ruining yet another goalie.

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