There is no spoon

Web developers rejoice! You are going to love this:

Web developers rejoice! You are going to love this:

This is a brilliantly polished, snappy service that delivers an app of your choice, virtualized, to your computer where you can run it as if you had installed it yourself without actually installing it.

It works better than I can write it. It works like a dream.

Check out their developer page where they explain what’s going on.

You may tear up the first time you see this. I admit I was little teary eyed.

I was also blown away, amazed and speechless.

It made me ask: What have we been doing all this time?

You owe it to yourself to check this out if you find yourself working to support different browsers and versions.

2 thoughts on “There is no spoon”

    1. Judging by their tech, I suspect in the future they’ll be able to support Mac and Linux even easier than writing native apps because it’s virtualization.

      Another cool thing is they may be able to virtualize devices like iphones so that you could test the device on your computer. That’d be so cool.

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