The Demise of

Update 2015-08-15: Good news, everyone! is (sort of) back! Check out the 3.0 beta at I’ve been refactoring the code quite a bit and generalizing the headline provider code to enable multiple sources in any format I care to write the code to parse :/ It might be a little rough around the edges but the headlines and various action buttons are working. Take a look! I’m actively updating it and adding news sources for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!

I’m sorry to have to report but the newsfeed provider,, has decided to end their free feeds. That means doesn’t have any data to use. Maybe someday I’ll implement different backend news feeds but until then NewsX is dead in the water, unfortunately. Thanks to all the visitors over the years! It’s been fun developing it! In the meantime, enjoy a laugh over at with a history of NewsX since 2001! If you still need your news fix then Google News is where it’s at.

And the free gift is still available.

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