7 thoughts on “Stop the Steamroller: Help Canadian Farmers”

  1. your add comes across like he is crying in his milk. why don’t the farmers who want the wheat board create their own marketing company. not force others to do what they want. are you as farmers not business people.
    doug halstead

  2. Do farmers actually get a fair deal from the wheat board? I grew up on a farm and “boards” were created by gov’t to apparently help farmers co-ordinate efforts to sell on a larger scale and thereby get a better return. However, some farmers felt that the additional bureaucracy just added another hand in the pot and wondered how “helpful” the daddy-figures of boards were? I appreciate farmers; without farmers we’d all be trying to survive on artificial food and dollar bills – neither would sustain life for long!

  3. The Farmers out west suffer enough and all on the brink of their existence.
    Does not mother natur give them enough trouble with no rain, to much rain ,hail. drought, ect? They do for sure not need Mr. Harper to make their life even harder.
    Leave the CWB , the farmers need it.

  4. I have corresponded with the cwb over the past couple of years. You have my name on file.Some of the mindless rhetoric, ignorance selfishness stupidity misinformation that some respondants have stated is frightening and detrimental to the safety and securityof Canada. The farmers, transportation systems, and storage facilities have been a solid stable part of canadas economic well being for more than half a century. To destroy a vital portion of canadas ecomnomic stability, especially now with the world economy bordering on collapse is morally repugnant, stupid and the height of economic ignorance.The irony and horror is that Harper claims to be an economist.Thousands of canadian jobs will be lost and a vital part of grain growing in canada will be crippled, and become a very weak player in the global economy. I don”t care what political party is in ottawa today, this is the most vile and treasonous act against the fundamentals that make canada strong inrternationally.This government is more than a disgrace. For shame

  5. I am a young farmer and I believe the CWB is not needed. We have tools that we can use now to do the marketing ourselves. We do very well with the non board grains. We in the west are the only ones under the CWB. If they have the farmer support they claim they will have the lions share and will be fine. They know they only have support of small and older farmers and will never get the bussels

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