Sanctus Valentinus

Oh, Saint, can you hear my voice from ages past?
I hope against hope because your voice seems to be the last.

Oh, Saint, may I ask a question?
Will you proffer a suggestion?

Oh, Saint, to your name, thereof,
My question is this, what is love?

Oh, Saint, what is love?
They ask it, continually, both from down below and from up above.

Oh, Saint, this is what you were known for.
That je ne sais quoi d’amour.

Oh, Saint, did you show in fiery flames of passion?
Or walk about court to the latest fashion?

Oh, Saint, did you caress with fingers tender?
Or lightly kiss her form so slender?

Oh, Saint, was your game one of gifts?
Or was your talent healing rifts?

Oh, Saint, were miracles your fame?
Or were good deeds the duty of your name?

Oh, Saint, not in these, not in these?

Oh, Valentinus, not in these, not in these.

Oh, Valentinus, you married Christians in defiance,
and aided and abetted, risking your alliance.

Oh, Valentinus, you wouldn’t let it rest,
so the judge put you to the test.

Oh, Valentinus, your restored a little girl’s sight,
and for many more won their freedom from the night.

Oh, Valentinus, that wasn’t enough,
and you continued the way through smooth and rough.

Oh, Valentinus, you met your end,
and they took your head when you wouldn’t bend.

Oh, Valentinus, not even in these, not even in these?

Oh, Saint, not even in these, not even in these.

Oh, Saint, I see the needle thread.
It joins all these in woven spread.

Oh, Saint, you risked of your will,
to do love, to act love, that was your skill.

Oh, Saint, why would you do such a thing?
Why such pain and grief to bring?

Oh, Saint, you shame me with your light,
how am I to live so bright?

Oh, Saint, but I do see, I do see the needle thread.
In order for me to live that bright, He went through a horrible dread.

Oh, Saint, your faith was key!
It was the thing, it was Jesus’ victory!

Oh, Saint, what then is love…
I see now, I see now…

Oh, Saint, what then is love?
What then is love but a willed sacrifice, and its source from above!

Oh, Saint, can you hear my voice from ages past?
No matter. I hear your voice, His voice, here, at the last.

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