Oil from Bacteria

Check this out: A brave new world of fossil fuels on demand. A US company is claiming to be producing “liquid hydrocarbons” from bacteria. Liquid hydrocarbons are what oil companies refine into synthetic crude and then gasoline and other oil-based products. One of the challenges for young earth creationism is the great amount of oil in the ground and that it supposedly takes a significant amount of time to produce the quantities we find. What we see here, however, are bacteria that can produce the stuff we find in the ground and in an economically viable and commercially scalable way. Perhaps here we can see a hint of how fast oil could be produced and this may help us better understand a young earth creation. To paraphrase my brother, keep an eye on the new with your “creation goggles” on and you’ll start to see how the puzzle fits together in agreement with God’s Word.

A brave new world of fossil fuels on demand

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