Michael Jackson

I had no reason nor any desire to write about the late Michael Jackson, but I think now there is something that should surface in our minds.

I had no reason nor any desire to write about the late Michael Jackson.

The commotion after his death is a sad commentary on our fetish with idolizing a popular figure posthumously on their merits, we’ve convinced ourselves, even though those merits are the same after death as they were in life.

I saw on the news today a contest for a Michael Jackson Thriller look-a-like / dance-a-like contest. Kids who weren’t even alive when Michael Jackson was on top were showing their moves. Impressive and to be commended, certainly.

Perhaps this time we’ll listen, appreciate and think twice about our slander and jokes while the artist is still alive.

It is told that Michael lived a sad, lonely life on top. Selah.

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  1. Although I did not make a big deal of his death, I did purchase Thriller. Cuz I had it when I was a little kid. I loved that album. Sure he was a great musician but did not even close to deserve the massive publicity upon his death. He was just a man, just a celebritiy. Whats the deal with celebs making a big deal when they die? Puh lease! His funeral was a joke.

    It’s like friggin Obama died or something. Get a life.

    MJ had a long lonely life, cuz of the allegations of the child rape that are the blunt of several jokes. He sold Neverland, and got madly addicted to pain killers. Poor guy. Got a respect for his music.

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