In this smile…

In this smile, this beautiful creation, joy bursts forth from the form of her comely curves. From lush strokes of warm pink she speaks harmony into the world. Her song fills this place.

The world watches its own, and it tires of all the garish and the gaudy, all those who have gone out, slap stick, with made up blood red rouge. Sexy, seductive, sultry.

But they are nothing like this, this silent siren – doom of man. Her smile’s deadliest weapon is a flash and an explosion of gracious glowing, life-affirming and soul-warming.

In this smile, white walls adorned with some glorious form, this voluptuous pink beautiful…

In this smile, worlds have collapsed, nations have crumbled, armies have turned, men have bowed, to this, the pure nature of the created creature.

In this smile, they have seen a moving sight. They have looked upon a living, breathing, stunning design of God’s very hand in His very most beautiful creation – You.

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