im the bst wrst txtr evr

im the bst wrst txtr evr

It may seem odd but I’m just learning how to txt on my phone. I’m at that point where I’m trying to do things faster but my fingers don’t move as fast as I want so I shorten up my words.

Check out these real examples from my phone:

  • hy wt ds it lk lk 2dy? shd i cm up?
  • tx 4 cllng wll cll ltr hp 2 c u sn
  • hy hp ur dn gd tk cr hp 2 c u sn

I’m a pedant, I know that. I never liked txt before but I’m starting to like it but it’s so me to never like half-and-half barebones txt and real words. Like how hard is “hey” to type out instead of “hy”? And “lk lk” (“look like”). Only in context and thinking a little bit can you understand it.

Anyway I find my messages hilarious and I hope people can still parse them lol

Oh well I’m having good fun with it and hopefully I’ll become fast enough to convey more meaning in the letters I choose!

2 thoughts on “im the bst wrst txtr evr”

  1. the way to txt now that all the kids have is a full qwerty keyboard, on their blackberry or slider phones or whatever.

  2. I have a LG 5500, no qwerty. and I sometimes text full words.. it sucks but meh.. I am quickly learning the txt lingo after having a phone for a year

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