How to inject some life back into Far Cry 3

If you’re like me, you tore through Far Cry 3 and learned that if you took outposts out early and raced to unlock radio towers you were able to see more sooner and get to story missions quicker. Now that you’ve finished the game, you have this feeling that you want to play in that beautiful world again, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a point to it anymore? Here’s a few things to try to reinvigorate your Far Cry 3 experience…

First thing I did when I wanted to play through the game again was to crank up the difficulty level. It creates a whole new tense feel to the game. You’ll no longer feel as safe and you’ll know you have to step up your skill level if you’re to survive this time. Don’t discount the danger factor. It can amp up your gaming experience.

I then decided on collecting everything before doing any missions, or at least do the minimal missions to continue collecting. This gives you an excuse to explore and enjoy the beautiful art and creativity they’ve put into crafting the island.

Use rocks. You know, throwing them for distraction! I was clearing outposts slowly by sniping. That’s no fun. It’s never close and in-your-face combat so you’ll get bored. Try aiming to clear every outpost undetected for that bonus XP. It’s a challenge and that’s what you want when you want to play in the world again but you already know the ending.

I was still feeling a little bored, though, there’s only so far collecting really goes, and then it dawned on me: I had been clearing the outposts early and, if you’re a fan of the game you know what that means, it means there are no enemies in your area after that. There’s no excitement because battles are few and far between. There’s no risk or even fear that, coming up the road or just over the next hill, you might encounter mercenaries on a patrol. So the biggest change I made was to leave clearing the outposts for the absolute last! Try it out! It really makes a difference knowing there’s still action to be had the whole time you’re in a zone.

A tip I found from another blog out there, try becoming a master with the recurve bow. I totally ignored this weapon because I thought in my early attempts that it was not as powerful as the other weapons but I was pleasantly wrong. It’s a powerful, fast and silent weapon, and it will make the game that much more visceral as you become that lurking monster of the jungle using primitive weapons instead of impersonal guns and explosives.

A few other tips, do all the side-quests like the honour killings and the Path of the Hunter quests. You’ll get valuable XP for skill points and you’ll get great craft to carry more weapons, ammo, syringes, etc.

One final tip: Clear one zone at a time. Do all the collecting, clear all the outposts, do all the side-quests, do all the story missions, then move to the next zone. You’ve done it all before, pace yourself this time and enjoy the experience. :)

How have you kept Far Cry 3 interesting after finishing it?

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