How ridiculous is the NHL?

With 15seconds left in game six of the NHL Stanley Cup finals, there’s a scramble in front of the net and a pile up ensues.

It looks like a football endzone pile up.

It looks ridiculous.

And what is the NHL doing in-game? They’re reviewing the play to see if the puck crossed the line.

Hold up just a minute you clowns. You can not just score by pushing a goalie over the line by piling on players.

It’s stupid.

You’re stupid.

Fix the rules you clowns. Oh that’s right, you did “fix” the rules and now the game is laughable. The New NHL, right? Clowns.

Speaking of which, the NHL referees should be ashamed of themselves officiating a brand of hockey where this stuff is acceptable.

It’s ridiculous and it makes the NHL look ridiculous.

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