Faith Shaking Scientific Discoveries (Or Not)

Take-away: You know all those big big scientific discoveries that seem to shake your faith just a little bit more each time, if you’re being honest? Actually, they usually end up on the cutting room floor. Just wait a bit, and watch some Christian sources like AIG, CMI, or ICR, and you’ll see these claims often be completely retracted or significantly eviscerated. But you won’t usually find the mainstream media covering this because after all we-were-wrongs aren’t all that exciting. Rest assured all science inevitably, eventually, ends up agreeing with the Bible. Here are just a few of the big discoveries that later turned out to be largely hype…

Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble
Premature hype over gravitational waves highlights gaping holes in models for the origins and evolution of the Universe

Is the famous fish-fossil finished?
Tiktaalik, the transitional star, faces an evolutionary dead-end

Not at all like a whale
Some fossil discoveries have made the alleged whale evolution a centrepiece of evolutionary propaganda.3 Evolutionists trumpet these and other supposed ‘missing links’ as proving goo-to-you evolution right, and the Bible wrong by implication.

Conclusive evidence for life from Mars? Remember last time!
Many headlines have just proclaimed: “‘Conclusive evidence’ for Martian life”.1 A team led by Dr Imre Friedmann, an NRC senior research fellow at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California’s Silicon Valley, has claimed that further analysis of the famous meteorite labeled ALH84001, supposedly from Mars, has found evidence of life after all. They published their research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA).2

Bacteria not made of arsenic after all
Claims of ‘new biology’ and ET life fall flat
At the end of 2010, we commented on claims that NASA scientists had found evidence of arsenic-eating bacteria that supposedly supported the idea of ET life (see NASA’s ET suffered arsenic poisoning!) and followed the controversy as it unfolded (see the two postscripts appended to the original article). The whole controversy started with a cryptic press release by NASA that said this…

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