Did you know? GTR2 supports 180hz+ FFB

Due to GTR2’s FFB loop being tied to the refresh rate, the sky is the limit when it come to GTR2’s FFB update rate. *mindblown*

Treat yourself right now: Download the 2005 FiaGT Mod, download my PLR with FFB tuned to the mod (put the “FFB …” lines into your own PLR file), and feel the difference FFB like Automobilista/Assetto Corsa/rFactor makes with GTR2.

To achieve significantly higher FPS, even on modern, high-end CPUs, you will need to enable GTR2 to use all of your CPU cores. To do this, download the free Bill’s Process Manager or nagware Process Lasso to set CPU Affinity (make it use all your CPU cores) and set it to use all physicals.

Kudos to the authors, JorritVD, LeSunTzu, and GTR233, for working on the ffb and tire model that makes it so expressive.

As someone who’s been using vsync for a long time this blew my mind when I tried without vsync tonight.

For others who have not been using vsync, you may still experience a difference due to a recent tweak I made for 2005 FiaGT Mod FFB related to FFB Steer Force Output Max (it was soft-clipping in the in-game ffb calculations at the default 1.8 value). Now road forces come through in high ffb corners and it feels brilliant.

Give it a try!

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