ADATA Ultimate SU650 960GB SSD Corruption/CHKDISK

UPDATE 2018-11-20: Turned out the drive was just bad and I had to get it replaced. The other one seems to be fine so far.

I recently bought two ADATA Ultimate SU650 960GB SSDs about a month apart. The first one hasn’t been a problem. The second one, which I unfortunately made my boot drive, has been corrupting the file system and forcing my Windows 7 to run CHKDISK and fix TONNES of errors. I may have now found a solution disabling Write Caching on these SSDs.

It occurred to me, while searching for a solution, that maybe it wasn’t getting data fully written to its NAND before it lost power. That reminded me of Write Caching and so I tried disabling that. After half a dozen warm and cold boots, I think it may have solved the problem in that Windows forces the drive to write the data before Windows shuts itself down.

You can find Write Caching via the Start Menu > Computer > [Right-click your desired drive] > Properties > Hardware > Properties > Change Settings > Policies > “Enable write caching on the device”: Uncheck this option.

Good luck if you’re having the same problem and trying this solution out.

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