A comment about biological sex as a spectrum…

The following was originally a YouTube comment, posted here for posterity.

As someone with a deformity, even I can recognize that all of these differences that fall on a spectrum are the result of errors: mutations, copy mistakes, etc.

The study of genetics shows a clear intention of the DNA to produce one or the other sex, and all deviations from this indicate a goal to strive toward and not a result to reinforce.

For the best chance of reconciliation with ones own body and mind, we should strive to realign body and mind with one’s original intended biological sex, either male or female.

The extremely high suicide rates for full transitions support the hypothesis that when we don’t work towards our original intended biological sex we effectively work against ourselves and further divide body and mind.

Originally a YouTube comment, to the video “There Are More Than Two Human Sexes“, and also a Twitter thread.

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