24 Hour Biorhythm…even without DNA

So, a new article, “Ancient body clock keeps all life on time: studies,” talks about the universal human 24 hour body clock even in components of the body without DNA, like red blood cells. Reading the article made me grateful and thankful, and awed of God and his creation. I had a good chuckle when, as I was fully expecting, the line came along, “the 24-hour circadian clock…dates back millions of years to early life on earth.” There is a whole field of sciences these days on which biblical creation touches. I’ve read so much material, and am constantly finding more, that reveal just how ridiculous the prospect of evolution is. The fact is, life does not arise from non-life. Any biologist will tell you this – except when they need to explain the origins of life in the theory of evolution. It’s a “just so” story (as CMI is fond of saying) that has no real foothold in reality. We’ll either give glory to God, or, if not, our disdain for Him, our foolishness, will turn around and speak it for us.

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