The Quotable Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The life of discipleship is not hero-worship we’d pay to a good master, but obedience to the Son of God.

Jesus is our end. Knowing that we go the narrow way thru the cross gate to eternal life and the narrowness will make us certain.

The Quotable Ben Hur by Lewis Wallace

As philosophy was taking the place of religion, satire was fast substituting reverence; insomuch that in Latin opinion it was to every speech, even to the little diatribes of conversation, as salt to viands, and aroma to wine.

What children we are, even the wisest! When God walks the earth, his steps are often centuries apart.

Men speak of dreaming as if it were a phenomenon of night and sleep. They should know better. All results achieved by us are self-promised, and all self-promises are made in dreams awake. Dreaming is the relief of labor,the wine that sustains us in act…

Would you hurt a man keenest, strike at his self-love; would you hurt a woman worst, aim at her affections.

We learn to love labor, not for itself, but for the opportunity it furnishes for dreaming, which is the great under-monotone of real life, unheard, unnoticed, because of its constancy. Living is dreaming. Only in the graves are there no dreams.

A man drowning may be saved; not so a man in love.