We have to go back

I just got done watching the entire series of Lost on Netflix for the second time. What a trip. What story telling. This time around things came a little bit easier. I more often had “aha!” moments and more than a few head-nods to the writer’s foreshadowing. For having gone as long as it did, for having kept almost all of its cast members the entire time, for having a grand story arch they stuck to and finished, and for the sheer magnitude of the undertaking, I can’t think of a better television series. Believe me, I’m a Browncoat, so you can take that to the bank. ;) So, if we have to go back, here are my main take-aways from the show’s six-year run…*spoiler warning*

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The Creation Answers Book

Having just finished The Creation Answers Book, cover to cover, I strongly recommend it as a primary resource for those looking for answers to specific Creation/Evolution questions. It’s also a good read for creationist enthusiasts to build up your high level knowledge of all the most critical topics in the creation and evolution question.

The answer’s a google away

The answer’s a google away.

I always encourage people to look up info for themselves.

So often we simply take as truth what the popular perception is on a given topic.

But popular thought is just that: what is popular at any given moment in history.

And rarely has the truth been popular.

So lately I’ve been telling people something, not in so many words but it’s this: The answer’s a google away.

Therfore, go forth and google. ;)