Secrets of the Simucube 2 Pro

Welcome to Secrets of the Simucube 2 Pro where I will be recording my experience, tips, tricks, resources, and other helpful information as I get to know it.

I upgraded in 2021 from a SimXperience AccuForce Pro V1, which I have had since 2015, and before that a Logitech G27, which I had for 4-5 years. You can read my experience with the AccuForce in my post Secrets of the SimXperience AccuForce Pro.

Secrets is a series of blog posts I started with Secrets of iRacing and which has grown to include Secrets of GTR2, Secrets of Race 07, Secrets of GT Legends, Secrets of Automobilista, Secrets of rFactor 2, Secrets of the SimXperience AccuForce Pro, and Secrets of Project Cars 2. The “secrets” part is a little dramatic but there are quite a few tips and tricks I think new users will find very valuable and interesting.

Update 2021-04-30: Added sections for Resources, Community, added Issues > DirectInput Friction Biases Wheel Center On Some Games

Update 2021-04-29: Initial publication. I’ll keep updating this with thoughts, notes, and new game settings, as I become more familiar with the wheel.

Older updates are archived at the bottom under the Updates section.

What is the Simucube 2 Pro?

The Simucube 2 Pro is a force feedback steering wheel system used mainly for sim racing on PC.

From the Simucube 2 Pro product page,

Are you ready to be known from jaw-dropping maneuvers in Sim Racing eSports scene? If so, don’t let mediocre simulator equipment tame you down. Unleash your predator like driver skills with Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive wheelbase.

25 Nm of torque is enough to give you deep immersion with any track, car, and condition. With Pro, one might easily forget they’re in a simulation. High torque reserve enables the driver to receive all the detail simulator and car has to give.

Combined with exceptionally high torque response rate Pro motor, the sharpest kinks will be delivered at a clarity not seen in the Direct Drive scene before. The torque response rate is adjustable to the driver’s preferences.

Simucube 2 Pro is destined to set the new golden standard for high-end class Direct Drive wheels.

And here’s a promotional video to show it a little bit,

Getting Started

In Secrets, I try to focus on the non-obvious or unintuitive so I won’t be covering basics like acquiring or installing, unless there is is something of note to comment on. You’re probably beyond that yourself so I’ll focus on the more obscure and non-obvious things.

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