How to find Church Guitar Chords Online

Update 2017-08-12: Added “Converting PDF to HTML” with links to PDF to HTML conversion sites for when the only chords you can find are PDF but you still want native browser display.

Update 2016-07-02: Check out I just came across them doing a search for Praise To The Lord Almighty. They have a clean look and easy method to change keys. They only have a few songs but it looks like a good start.

Update 2016-04-01: print versions no longer save properly from a browser when you’ve transposed at all. also has problems printing since their last site redesign. These were my two go-to places for chords :( I find I’m falling back to,,, and for hymn chords these days. It’s really whatever is turning up in my google searches besides and On the bright side, I’m more frequently finding my own stash of chords while searching! :)

Update 2016-03-17: Added section about viewing music on a Hipstreet Phoenix tablet rather than print outs.

Update 2015-08-15: I’m now storing my chords for things like Sunday services, VBS, etc., over here: There’s a search, too, although Google seems a little slow on indexing that part of the site.

Update 2015-05-23: Added How to Print section

Update 2015-04-11: Added some tip sections about preferred chord layout and alternate version cautions.

How to find Church Guitar Chords Online

For the past half year I’ve been part of a small church where most of our music comes from the hymnal. They’re very, very nice people, though, and are happy to have myself and another man playing guitar in the front pews. We really enjoy it but it takes some effort to work with the piano players and their music so that we can find guitar chords to play from. This took me down the path of finding guitar chords for hymns and worship songs online. Here’s my tips for finding them…

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Windows Paint: This ain’t your father’s Windows Paint!

Do yourself a favour and give Windows Paint another try! Take a screenshot with the Print Screen key (usually next to Scroll Lock and Pause/Break keys) and then crop, resize and edit your picture all in Windows Paint! You can even save in multiple popular formats like JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG and, of course, BMP. Who knew!


Fixing your car key fobs with a knife, scissors, elastic, paper and super glue!

Update 2014-12-03: I have a new, better, simpler fix for this. Earlier this year the original solution I had stopped working. The problem is the electrical contacts (little circular pads for each button on the inside of the fob) were slowly disintegrating. You can tell because the black part is starting to wear through. While googling for fob fixes I discovered some companies were selling plastic inserts with circular metal electrical plates that bridge the original pads. They work because they distribute the electrical charge more evenly and more widely across each electrical pad thus resulting in a better connection. I took a hint from this and simply super-glued little circular pieces of common, household aluminum foil to the electrical contacts. It worked! It worked like it was brand new! I was so impressed it worked that well. That was a few months ago and it’s still going strong so I hope this helps someone!

Fixing your car key fobs with a knife, scissors, elastic, paper and super glue!

So, my car key fob buttons have been deteriorating progressively ever since I got my car four years ago. So, I used a knife to pry open the fob by the seam along the edges. I used super glue around the metal edges of the battery holder, “clamping” metal connections down using an elastic, and, when that was all dry, cut some paper to the size of the fob, put it behind the battery to add additional pressure on the connections, and closed the fob back up. Voila! Fob repaired!