In this smile…

In this smile, this beautiful creation, joy bursts forth from the form of her comely curves. From lush strokes of warm pink she speaks harmony into the world. Her song fills this place.

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You are loved

This phrase has stuck with me since I first heard a story, via James MacDonald’s Walk in the Word, about a man who doubted its sincerity and then found out just what it meant in action.

Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, close each service, from what I understand, with the words “you are loved.” This simple phrase reflects profoundly the heart of God’s relationship with us and sums up the ministry of the Church. It succinctly focuses in on the basic human need to be loved. If we are to reach the world then we are to love them – really love them. As God loves us, we are to love.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Heather Williams’ You Are Loved from her album on iTunes just after her hit single Hallelujah. This is as close to the perfect musical complement to the sentiment we’re likely to get.

The Storied Tale of You and I

You captured my gaze
and I entered this haze.

I followed my eyes
and you were my demise.

You gave me your smile
and I longed all the while.

I stood and withstood
and you gave all you could.

You gave me your heart
and I broke it apart.

But I couldn’t understand
til the moment I took your hand.

When in this deep darkness I cry,
it is you I have loved.

This is the beginning:
the storied tale of you and I.