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I’d like to introduce Daniel Pech, an aspiring creatonist, biblical writer, and philosopher, amidst many other things. Daniel forwarded me his views on Genesis 1 and 2 in response to a blog of my own on the complementary nature, as opposed to a contradictory and self-contained nature, of the first two chapters of Genesis.  I hope here to provide a short meet and greet bio of Daniel to provide a more personal introduction to lead into fuller post later on one of Daniel’s papers.

You can see for yourself Daniel’s prolific writing on his Academia.edu profile. From the art and biology, to the Psalms and Noah, to music and philosophy and beyond, Daniel writes has quite a bit, to say the least. His copious writing style belies very deep and strong critical thinking on the topics he is writing on.

You will see Daniel again on this site under the title An Empty ‘Bottle of Water’ where he introduces us to his view that there are extra dimensions of Genesis that a plain-reading is missing, while holding to a young-earth reading.

I asked Daniel to introduce himself with a few questions,

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Why is there something rather than nothing?

Check out this long-winded philosophical meandering journey to all places except the question it purports to ask: Nothingness (Why is there something rather than nothing?) I’m blown away at the ability of scientists and philosophers to finagle their way around the question. All your philosophical and scientific sounding rabbit holes are transparent – they do nothing to dissuade the honesty of the original question. We, as citizens of mankind, owe it to ourselves to tackle this question head on.


I like my movies on crack. Not me, I mean the movies. Like Vanilla Sky. That was some good track.

I like my movies on crack.

Not me, I mean the movies. Like Vanilla Sky. That was some good crack. So much so that my friends asked me to reimburse them for me recommending we go see that film.

Now, Revolver is an impressive film, itself, for carrying a lot of crack-session inspired philosophy. Kudos to Jason Statham for trying out a new role.

This is definitely a film where, if you’re into this kind of stuff, you’ll really be pondering what they’re saying.

My quick gist of it is there is no evil. There is only us. And because we, I, are motivated for self-first goals, we enable what is detrimental toward others – which can be termed evil.

Perhaps you should just go look up Kabbalah. It’s somewhat of the basis of the movie. The movie is probably far more interesting.

I don’t think I wholely agree with the philosopohy. It doesn’t stand up very well as far as I’ve thought it through.

But, for those people like me who really like to think about that stuff, the movie will really get you recursing into yourself.