Cosmos 2014

I’ve been watching the 2014 Cosmos mini-series on Netflix and have to say, once you get past the evolutionary propaganda, it’s a really well-made, very polished and cleverly produced look at Earth’s history.

The blatant focus on forcing the evolutionary belief over the scientific look at nature is pretty bad but once you get past it you can take it as a really good romp through scientific history including animated biographies of all the major philosophers and scientists.

AiG has a write up on each episode in case you’re looking for something to counter the evolutionism in the show:

If I can find it I’ll probably watch the original Carl Sagan Cosmos, as well.

We have to go back

I just got done watching the entire series of Lost on Netflix for the second time. What a trip. What story telling. This time around things came a little bit easier. I more often had “aha!” moments and more than a few head-nods to the writer’s foreshadowing. For having gone as long as it did, for having kept almost all of its cast members the entire time, for having a grand story arch they stuck to and finished, and for the sheer magnitude of the undertaking, I can’t think of a better television series. Believe me, I’m a Browncoat, so you can take that to the bank. ;) So, if we have to go back, here are my main take-aways from the show’s six-year run…*spoiler warning*

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Wii Netflix not Loading Artwork? Reinstall Netflix Channel

I’ve had a problem with the Wii Netflix Channel for a long time now. The problem is artwork wasn’t getting loaded in. It was very spotty. Some artwork would load, others would not. After a useless customer support phone call, in which it was assumed my wifi was to fault, it dawned on me that I should try reinstalling the Netflix channel. Maybe they had released a version without telling anybody. And that was it. They had released a new version and I had no idea and I guess the old one was breaking down. So, if you you have Wii Netflix, and having trouble with artwork loading, then try deleting the channel and redownloading. Good luck!