District 9: Brilliant

I just finished watching District 9 and I have to say I wasn’t expecting anywhere near this good of a film.

I just finished watching District 9 and I have to say I wasn’t expecting anywhere near this good of a film.

I was especially impressed by the character development of Wikus, the protagonist. He’s very unlikeable at first but then grows on you especially as he learns and accepts his role in defiance of what he used to think of as the “good guys”.

I also thought the sub-themes of justice and fairness were explored and presented quite well. Wikus learns over time he has the ability to mete out justice and fairness, the expression of which can be difficult to come to acceptance that it is within your power and within your right.

I was more impressed by this movie that I thought I would be. It’s definitely a must see.

New Year’s Eve 2009

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010!

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010!

This year has been a hard yet rewarding, difficult yet enjoyable one. I know I am incredibly blessed. I am rich beyond reason compared to those in poverty. I have toys, food, an apartment of my own, a widescreen, a few computers, a wii, a couple of versions of the bible, and way more, definitely more that I simply forget in all my material wealth.

And I have the most valuable thing there is: Jesus Christ’s atonement for my sin.

A friend asked if I was happy the other day. The kind of question put in that kind of way, the kind of way that you know you can’t weasel out of. I made my best effort at weaseling out, though.

I don’t know what happiness is.

If fleeting moments of enjoyment and the rare moment of true joy throughout the year amidst the hassle of life, if that’s happiness than I guess I have it. So that other pervasive, gnawing, dull pained emptiness, I don’t know how to express that in the light of all that God has blessed me with.

To say that I am unhappy in this sea of blessing is, at best, ungrateful and, at worst, reckless abandonment of humility.

To say I am happy, on the other hand, is making an unsound claim.

So, if you ask me if I’m happy, I don’t know how to honestly answer.

I think I will simply say thank you to my God and saviour and ask him if I can be his servant, as one purchased out of slavery with no means to repay in the slightest.