How to learn something new

Learn something new

  1. Summarize (eg. definition, article)
  2. Cheatsheet (eg. handy one-page doc/pdf)
  3. Crash Course (eg. videos, online course)
  4. Deep Dive (eg. online courses, docs)
  5. Certify (eg. complete a quiz or test, or better, earn a certification)
  6. Refresh (eg. periodic online courses to maintain knowledge)

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John Wick. A hot take. In five parts. A thread.

I watched John Wick 1 again to remember why I liked it and figure out why I don’t like the sequels.

The first movie is serious and dark and the humour that is there is dark humour. The action was honest just making it work action. The violence wasn’t the focus either. There’s surprisingly little blood shown.

The second movie focused too much on violence, blood and world building instead of character and story.

The third just became a fourth wall breaking caricature of itself with even more focus on shallow violence, slapstick, and “funny” “in” jokes because the movie knows that we know that it’s so over the top.

Their mistake is thinking the audience wants a reality check when what they really want is escapism for two hours, like every other good movie.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk

Context: These tweets were taken from a messaging group with friends in August 2019. Apparently the movies still bother me and my ego really is that big.

This is also a series of @shovas (me) tweets.

Secrets of Project Cars 2

  • You really should be using Christiaan’s Pure FFB. It appears to be the best attempt at improving FFB.
    • You probably need a lot of smoothing on direct drive wheels
    • See my AccuForce ffb settings in this post
    • Alternatively, if you have native telemetry ffb with your wheel (something like AccuForce SimCommander’s Steering Feedback Foundation, iRacing’s irFFB, etc.) then these tend to be ‘cleaner’ ffb signals in my experience.
  • TrackIR works:
    • Must launch using Steam VR launch mode
    • Must use Helmet view
      • You can disable the helmet visual so it looks just like Cockpit view